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Stars and Stripes Banner / Patriotic Mantel

Hello Friends…

Word of the day...  Belated 
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I know the 4th of July holiday is long gone and we have all moved on to fun summer projects, but I’ve decided to go ahead and share this post anyway. I wasn’t able to publish my Patriotic Mantel on-time or share a few of the projects I made, due to some overwhelming family obligations and a bit of technical difficulties (I’m still always  having a run of hard luck).

I was so disappointed and I wasn't even going to re-write the darn post but I got to thinking… “What the heck, it’s never too late to share a project!” 

So, if you can tolerate just one more patriotic post, then I would love it if you would just keep on reading (Big smile). As  you know, it’s impossible for me to keep things short and sweet, but I will try… K! 

I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th!

Stars and Stripes Banner Mantel Full View Main

While looking for a little inspiration for my Patriotic Mantel, I came across a great banner at Super Mom Moments. It had the simplicity and patriotic feel I was looking for and was a snap to make. The best part was the “free” PDF printable of the banner she (Aimee) was sharing (Here).  When you finish up here, you should  pop over and check out her banner and “Pin” it for next year!

Now, I only needed to print the U-S-A part of the banner because I had the perfect scrapbooking cardstock for the stars and stripes pendants. With my squeaky wheels turning, I adapted part of her banner into something that fit my colors and patriotic theme.

Banner Closeup
From start to finish this banner took less than an hour to put together. Here how I made my banner…

Paper Supplies Outline w text
Washi Clothespins Collage

Ready to hang…

Banner pieces

Full View…

Banner Full View
I wanted a simple clean look that still made a statement and I think it came together perfectly.  My little 2 yr. old  Grandson actually cheered when I hung the banner. That sweet little boy made my day!

Let me give you a tour of the various projects that make up our Patriotic Mantel.

First up…

My D-in-L bought me these little tin buckets and pinwheels that she found in the $1 bins at Target. I knew right away, I could build my mantel around these cute little pieces. 

Patriotic Pinwheel Collage
Don’t they look so fun and patriotic? 

Next up…

I saw this 4th of July Printable at Tattered and Inked and knew I wanted to use it for my holiday artwork. BTW… Tattered and Inked is one of my favorite blogs and Kelsey is a mad talented DIY crafter. Totally recommend visiting!

Frame Page1

1. Painted old frame with bright White Acrylic Paint (matte finish). Let dry overnight then lightly distress frame with sanding block.
2. Artwork is printed on 8x10 Photo Paper then trimmed to size.
3. Painted Star with Metallic Blue Craft Paint then add light layer of fine glitter while paint was still damp.
4. Attached Star to Frame with glue dot to allow for easy removal.

Wooden Firecrackers…

You might remember these Wooden Firecrackers that I bought last year from Pick Your Plum (my favorite daily deal site). 

My original post from last year is Here if you would like to take a peek!

Here’s how I dressed mine up:

Firecracker Collage final w frame

Firecracker Supplies

All – American Birdhouse

This sweet little Birdhouse is perched up on our mantel and is looking mighty fine!  I had fun creating this project and it felt good to pull out my brushes for a change.  In case you missed my post last week  - All - American Birdhouse.

All American Birdhouse Collage 4 frame
My sweet little 2 yr. old Grandson saw this picture and told me… “ I lub the wittle tweet tweet houwse”. He’s so adorable!

BTW...  A summer themed Birdhouse is on the drawing board!

Red Dash Line

Thanks for being a trooper and hanging in there till the bitter end! You’re the best! (XOXO) 

Seriously, I wished I could have published this Patriotic tribute before the holiday but, as I am learning, family and obligations must come first and blogging second.  

I have several great projects to share this month so I hope you will stop back by again soon.  If you want to stay in the loop when something new is published then sign up for email updates or RSS updates over on my sidebar. 

Until next time…
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