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My wonderful husband
I am simply ME... wife of 30 years to a wonderful man, mother of three awesome kids and proud grandmother of two adorable baby boys. I believe God is great, Family always comes first and Life is a series of lessons yet to be learned. I walk in faith everyday and I hope to make a difference in people's lives leaving a small simple mark in this world.

Know as the "Scratch-n-Dent Queen", I try to never pay full price and always have a coupon handy. I have always loved to craft, refurbish furniture and create little masterpieces and even though I am now physically limited on what I can do, I have a wealth of knowledge to share and I am excited to have way to express my passions.

Currently battling a knee injury that has led to a terrible debilitating nerve condition called "RSD"; which has taken away a huge piece of who I am, learning to cope with my limitations and constant pain has caused me to really soul search and find strength from deep down within. Vowing not to let this change who I am, I wake up each day determine to fight this horrible monster! Despite my battles, I know that I am truly blessed!

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  1. Wow... I so appreciate you sharing your story! Love finding other Christian bloggy ladies :) Pray you will find some comfort in God's grace, abounding to you more & more, even in the midst of such pain.

    lauren @ summitstreetjoy.com & confidentofthis.com


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