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Individual Oreo Turtle Cheesecake

Hello friends! I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day and were treated like a Queen for the day. My family sure made me feel loved!! 

Today, I am going to tempt you with a super simple, yummy dessert that’s sure to please any sweet tooth (it sure made me very happy)!

First, I must confess… I have an insane obsession with Cheesecake!

Seriously, I love all things Cheesecake. Whether it’s New York style, Fruit filled or topped with Fruit, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate, with or without Nuts, Peanut butter and even smothered in sweet sticky caramel… I love it all!

See what I mean,  I honestly think my family is planning a secret “Cheesecake Intervention” to save me from my overindulgent self! 

Doesn't this look lip-smacking delicious!!

Main Cheesecake ipiccy

A few weeks ago, while wasting  spending time on Pinterest (another obsession of mine – Jeez, I might need therapy!), I came across a pin for Individual Oreo Turtle Cheesecake.

Now honestly, what’s a girl to do when she spots Oreos - Chocolate Chips - Nuts – Caramel and Cheesecake all rolled into this scrumptious looking little dessert?

Well, after I wiped off the drool running down my chin, I headed over to check it out!

Jackpot!! I found another awesome food blog called … Lauren's Latest

Not only did I find the recipe for her Individual Oreo Turtle Cheesecakes, I also found several other amazing Cheesecake recipes too (Score!). I was so jazzed as I surfed around her site to find so many yummy recipes that use what my family would call “normal” ingredients. The recipes are easy to follow and have beautiful pictures.  (FYI… all of the so-so pictures shown in this post are of the little Cheesecakes I made.) 

I've never met Lauren and this post is totally my opinion, but I recommend checking out her site (here)… Good Stuff People!!

Now, lets talk Cheesecake!
This is where I need to put a disclaimer… You CAN’T eat just one!

Mini Cheesecake ipiccy edit

This delightful Mini Cheesecakes recipe uses basic ingredients, only takes a few minutes to bake and cools in no time at all. Seriously, you can have them ready for tonight's dessert in no time flat and your gang  will think you slaved all day (Shhh… it will be our little secret)!

            cup of sugar ipiccy

Since the original recipe at Lauren's Latest is laid out so perfectly and includes pictures with each step there really is no need for me to reinvent the recipe but I would like to share a few of my thoughts.

Talk about simple, look at what the crust is made from… Oreo Cookies! You simple drop an Oreo into each paper lined tin and your done. No mixing or pre-baking required. How easy is that!

Oreo Crust

A couple of other quick thoughts…

I found that the filling will easily make a dozen Individual Cheesecakes but the layer of Cheesecake filling is a little too thin for my liking. Next time, I think I will try either doubling the filling recipe (will probably make about 20) or only make maybe eight (8) Individual Cheesecakes so the filling is thicker.

The only Caramel I had on-hand was the squeeze type used for Ice Cream toppings which is not as thick as melting Caramel squares. It worked out fine but again, for my taste, I will use melted caramel squares next time.  I did use (Nestle) Toll House Mini Chocolate Chips (a staple around this house) and I always have Pecans handy. 

This recipe has a perfect Cheesecake base that can be used with so many types of cookie crust / topping combination.  My wheels are already turning with ideas for my next batch of Individual Cheesecakes.  Stay tuned - more goodness to come…

Just click on the link to go to Lauren's Latest - Individual Oreo Turtle Cheesecakes for the complete recipe and tutorial.

(I don’t post pictures or content from other blogs unless I get prior approval – In this case I wasn’t able to get the okay before the post was ready to go so I didn't feel comfortable copy/posting recipe.)


Until next time…
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  5. I have the same insane addiction to cheesecake...love the stuff:-) These look fantastic...I mean oreo, chocolate, caramel. What's not to love?

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  18. I was so pleased with how easy these were to make. I would say though that one recipe only makes eight cakes, otherwise there's not enough cheesecake filling (in my opinion). Needed to cook them longer, but they turned out great! Big hit at the office party. Making them again for a Father's Day dessert!

    1. Yay... I am so glad you enjoyed them! I agree that the filling makes 8 w/fuller or 12 w/skinny. Like I said in my post, my next batch I'm going to make double the filling so they will have a thicker cheesecake layer. Not sure how much longer it will take to cook but I think more filling will make this recipe even better! If you make again, take a picture and email me - would love to see them. I don't see an email for you so I hope you see this reply! :) Simply AJ


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