Monday, June 13

A Must Read... Fresh Style Magazine

                      This is a fantabulous publication... Fresh Style - Summer 2011


I receive an email the other day from one of the blogs I subscribe to called Sada Lewis (Online Notebook) , she wrote a great piece about this magazine highlighting two well known bloggers that were featured in this edition. Well, when I saw the cover page (just like Sada) I was hooked. I had to get my hands on a copy of this magazine!  

So, I sent the Hubs out to find it. Basically, I told him not to come home without it... (lucky for him our local grocery had a copy). When he got back home, he walked in all proud with his chest puffed out declaring... Mission Accomplished My Dear! (My Hero - He received a high five and a big fat kiss from me!)

Okay folks, when I say that I didn't come up for air for hours and every page is worn out... I mean it... Seriously good stuff!!

The photography is amazing, the articles are informative and well written, the project ideas are easy and affordable and it's totally geared for us DIY chicks (most of the items were found at thrift stores and yard sales where they reused/recycled). 

The Fresh Style Blog has several tutorials with “how-to” instructions and lots of pretty pictures.

The best part (this is just my opinion), is they feature talented bloggers and Etsy artist - which is so refreshing to see. These are the same bloggers we follow daily and get our crafty inspiration from. I love the fact that they are being highlighted in such a great media outlet. Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy articles about designers and different projects and/or products but it’s also fun to see everyday crafters strutting their stuff and sharing inspiration in actual print.

Here's a blurb from the editor, Andrea Fanning, about Fresh Style...  
Fresh Style is a new, special-issue magazine that celebrates creative living—exploring possibilities and looking past the surface of things to discover hidden potential. Inside the issue, you’ll find quick and easy projects, tips from design experts, spotlights on creative bloggers and Etsy artists, and tons of ideas on how to recycle, repurpose, and fill your space with personalized décor. From handmade jewelry and kid-friendly crafts to home accents and garden delights, this colorful collection will become your go-to guide for DIY style.                          
Another thing that I thought was pretty cool... Under the "Contact Us" section, they want to hear from us about great crafty blogs out there or if you have a project(s) that you want to share with them. I know several of you out there have some amazing projects that would sure look good in print!  Hmm... something to think about!   
  • Please take a look at Sada's post here about Fresh Style (I enjoy her blog!)
  • Check out Fresh Style Magazine here (You can order by mail from here too.)

I have added a couple of new project ideas to my list and will be making a trip to a few thrift stores and Goodwill sometime in the near future!!

So my friends... I would recommend this magazine if you’re looking for some fresh creative ideas or you just like looking at all the awesome pretty inspiration.

** This is 100% my opinion and I'm not associated with this magazine/company in any way.

Until Next time...
Simply AJ


  1. Cool! Thank you so much for posting about me on your cute blog! I 'm glad you love the magazine too!! :)

  2. I want it too!! I'll hunt for I tomorrow! :)

  3. Love, love this magazine! I have already redone so many bottles in blue and orange! Great blog :)


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