Wednesday, April 20

Check this new site out!

I just had to share this "HOT" new site -

The Gals over at "How Does She" posted this information about a new site called Pick Your Plum - here is what they had to say!

Have you heard about Pick Your Plum? Okay, you will want to bookmark this site NOW and tell your friends, too!  Pick Your Plum helps you "get it". What are you getting?  You'll find HAWT deals on the most swank crafting supplies.We're talking HUGE discounts. BUT, there are only limited supplies of each deal so you'll want to get it before your neighbor does! You can sign up for newsletter alerts of each day's new deal. It's FABULOUS!  Posted by "How Does She" - (4.20.11)

I signed up for the daily newsletter - I love sites like this because they are such a great source when it comes to locating items that are one-of-a-kind or just plain hard to find. It sure beats scouring thrift stores and such to find these kind of unique crafting pieces.

                                                 Via - Pick Your Plum

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