Saturday, February 12

Valentine’s Project - Lots of Love

Love is…. Fortune Cookies, Chocolate covered Peanut butter Balls and a Triple Chocolate Decadent Cake – Cheesecake - Cake. Well, at least in my warped little world…Love spells Yummy!! 

We have been busy this week making several projects for the Valentine’s Dinner at Church. My wonderful side-kick (daughter-in-law Amanda), steps in and helps me out due to my health limitations, and together we have made a couple of really fun Valentine’s goodies.

Couple of quick side notes: 1) Please do not judge me by the terrible photographs – I have a lot to learn when it comes to capturing a good project photo!  2) Please take a moment to visit Carrie’s post over at Everyday Cricut (she posted a great tutorial) or at her blog Greenbean's Crafterole to check out her other projects! 3) This is a really long post heavy with pictures – but I  didn’t want to leave anything out. Smile 

First project… Bible Verse Fortune Cookies.
Okay, so the inspiration for this project came from Carrie at Greenbean's Crafterole. Last week, she was a guest designer at Everyday Cricut (one of my fav’s) and she posted the cutest project called lovey dovey fortune cookies.  Well, the squeaky wheels in my head start thinking… what if I put a scripture that references “love” as the fortune and tuck a Hersey’s Kiss inside as a treat… Hmm (squeak, squeak)!!

This was such a fun and super easy project – just cut a 4 1/2 circle (I used New Arrival cart), roll, fold and glue dot to hold. I printed the bible verses out (using Word) then cut into 1/2 in strip about 3 in long (tutorial here). So here’s how my fortune cookies turned out…   

And here is Carrie’s (Greenbean's Crafterole) lovey dovey fortune cookies (she takes better pictures than I do!)… 

The fortune cookies were displayed in a wicker tray that was filled with homemade Chocolate covered Peanut butter Balls nested in cute paper tins that had pink and red hearts on them also put candy Red-hots in a few paper tins. It really turned out so cute…. take a look!

Tray4         Tray Goodies

I did a little taste testing… Oh my goodness!                                                    Are you drooling yet??

*I will try and post the Peanut butter ball recipe tomorrow.

One last goodie that we made was our Triple Chocolate Decadent Cake – Cheesecake – Cake. We developed this recipe by combining a few of our favorites and this is the final result. I know the name is lame and we will eventually find a more appropriate one. Real homemade Cheesecake is a weakness of mine and I love trying out new recipes and then making my own version. I will have to post the recipe another time but if you are interested in the recipe just leave me a comment along with your email address and I will send it to you.

Cheesecake5  Cake Inside Layers
* The cut cake was a test cake we made last week… it was sooooo good!

The chocolate cake is the new Duncan Hines Decadent Cake line… It is the best boxed cake EVER!

For those of you who hung around to the end… Thank you! We had a lot of fun crafting and baking and I have enjoyed sharing it with you. Until next time…


  1. omg!...your fortune cookies turned out so stinkin' cute!...what i neat idea for the bible verses! how you mixed it up!...

  2. Oh my goodness, yep I'm drooling. These look so good and I really like the fortune idea. I have a blog award waiting for you on my blog. Hugs, Debi


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